Are you stuck in an old story? I was.

Are you stuck in an old story? I was. 


I was a single teen mom right out of high school. I worked full time in clerical jobs during the day and babysat most nights to help pay to raise my son. I met my husband, Daniel, in 2002. He worked in trades for several companies before deciding to try to start a business of his own. Together we have built an award-winning local  company that has sold millions of dollars in products and services.


I happened upon the book You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero a few years ago. I had never been open to any type of personal development before (isn't that what infomercials try to sell you?), but I was HOOKED. I didn't realize I had been holding myself back because of beliefs I had about myself, even dating back to childhood, that simply were not true. 


Human Design is the most validating experience I have found in getting to know myself and why I operate the way I do. I have been able to really embrace who I am and create a life I love by aligning myself with who I was created to be.


I am a life coach for ambitious women who are ready to step into their next level but do not know what's holding them back. I use the enneagram, human design, and hypnosis to create a custom plan of action to bust through your glass ceiling and live your best life. 


My superpower is helping women get out of their own way to take actionable steps toward designing a life they love.


I believe that if enough women are empowered with the tools to fight harder for their dreams than for their excuses, we can change the WORLD!